Just another Fashion Enthusiast

And so this happened. After many attempts, many blogs, and many years later I find myself writing again. I’m not much of a writer or probably wont write too much on this page but allowing it to be a place I can express myself through all aspects of fashion. I design, occasionally. I style, leisurely. I produce events, … yeah there isn’t another word I can insert there. More so, I love being that fashion hub people reach out to for help. I find my most joy coaching models, helping new photographers, and giving those little tips that you don’t learn in school to aspiring designers. I in NO WAY consider myself an expert in any of these fields but an enthusiast. I just want to help and even more want to push all my knowledge to hungry artists. I am still learning and have many people I look up to, I only wish I can be that platform for someone else as well. I have spent many years assisting others build their dreams (which I am very thankful for) but I am ready to branch out a bit and express myself creatively (sort of).

Here a few things about me

1. I am most inspired at night or when I am sitting at my desk (working my day job)

2. I take photos of anything that inspires me (actually of a lot of things too)

3. I love beauty and fashion editorials

4. I have a dress exhibited in the MN History Center

5. I am obsessed with shoes (I once had over 100 pair of shoes)

6. I collect magazines

And that is a wrap for my first entry. Stay tune for my next one to come out sometime this weekend. I will be featuring one of my first photo shoots collaborating with Pa Chia Vue of Petiteinheels.

Photo Credit: Der Chang Photography

Model: Sarah Dettinger

Makeup: A Little Bit of Everything By Kash Yang

Hair: Penni Moua

Stylists: Pa Chia Vue and Ashaley Yang

Wardrobe: Dress by SEAMS VINTAGE, Jacket by PRIMP

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